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I lost all of my chips!

Don’t worry if you lose all of your chips. We realize that sometimes people have really bad days at the Poker table, so if you lose all of your chips we provide you with 40 free chips to get you started back up. If 40 chips is not enough, then you can purchase more chips from the “Get Chips” button on the Main Menu, or you may also get free chips from the “Earn Free Chips!” button in the Get Chips screen. The fun of VIP Poker should never stop!

I downloaded an App to get Chips but didn't get them, help!

In many cases VIP Poker will offer you apps to download to get Chips. Occasionally, when downloading those apps, the Chips may take a few moments to register to your account. Before you send in a support ticket, try the following steps: Make sure to open the app you downloaded and leave it open for a few minutes, then give it about an hour for the system to register that you have downloaded the app and award your Chips. If that doesn't work, try re-downloading the app and repeating the process. If it's still not working, send in an e-mail telling us which app you downloaded, and how many Chips it was supposed to award.

Email Support
If you're having other problems, please send us an email.